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33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History book cover
Author:  edited by Tonya Bolden
Title:  33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women’s History

Uses poems, essays, letters, photographs and more to present the actions and achievements of women in the United States, from its beginnings up through the twentieth century.


  The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls book cover
Author:  Joan J. Brumberg
Title:  The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls

Barnes & Noble: “The Body Project is an extraordinary culmination of a decade of historical and contemporary research on American girlhood. . . . Brumberg is masterful at combining historical archival scholarship with lively insights from past and recent personal diaries and memoirs.”


The Essential Feminist Reader book cover
Author:  edited by Estelle B. Freedman
Title:  The Essential Feminist Reader

Barnes & Noble: “The Essential Feminist Reader is the first anthology to present the full scope of feminist history. Prizewinning historian Estelle B. Freedman brings decades of teaching experience and scholarship to her selections, which span more than five centuries. Moving beyond standard texts by English and American thinkers, this collection features primary source material from around the globe, including short works of fiction and drama, political manifestos, and the work of less well-known writers.”


 Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women of the World book cover
Author:  Linda R. Hirshman
Title:  Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women of the World

Library Journal: “In this new feminist manifesto, in which she asserts that the women’s movement was not radical enough, Hirshman, a former practicing attorney and former visiting professor at Brandeis University, issues a resounding call to all women that the time has come to restart the revolution.”


Women's Rights book cover
Author:  Natasha Thomsen
Title:  Women’s Rights

Barnes & Noble: “The issues women face at the dawn of the 21st century are as daunting and complex as ever, covering the range from affirmative action and service in active combat, to educational rights, reproductive rights, sexual harassment, religious leadership roles, and more. Women’s Rights examines the history and the current status of women’s rights in the United States and abroad, namely Denmark, China, Afghanistan, and Kenya.”