Tax season is upon us, once again. That frustrating feeling of, do I have to pay this year or how much will I get back?, always lingers. Tax season is hard every year, especially with all the new laws and information. Seeing your taxes filed can completed on time though is a big relief.

Kern County Library branches have tax forms and information available, so that you can reach the April 18, 2016 tax deadline. Below is a list of resources currently available:

  • Instruction Booklets: available on enki, for you to access via any mobile device.
  • Paper forms are available at library branches, but not all forms are available. If we do not have a paper form for you, it is available online via — along with lots of “how-to’s” and helpful tips for filing

Looking for more information or tax help? Unfortunately, library staff cannot offer advice, but the California Franchise Tax Board can help! An Automated Assistance line with recorded tax and refund information is available, call 800.338.0505 for more information, or visit