The NFL Superbowl is not just a game, its an experience. The mixture of sports, music, family, friends, and food make it the ultimate experience.

Whether you’ll be watching the game, the commercials or waiting for the half-time entertainer, brushing up on some great Super Bowl facts from the past and present to make yourself sound smart and send you dancing into the end zone.

  1. Jerry Rice has scored the most touchdowns, 7, in three Super Bowls.
  2. No network footage exists of Super Bowl I. It was taped over, supposedly for a soap opera.
  3. There has been several AFC or NFC Championship games that went into overtime, but no Super Bowl has ever gone past regulation.
  4. In 2015, 114.4 million people watched Super Bowl XLIX, played between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.
  5. After Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is the second highest day of food consumption.
  6. During the 2015-16 football season, the Panthers offensive line allowed Newton to get hit only 61 times, the third-lowest total in the NFL.
  7. Manning has had 4 Super Bowl appearances with 4 different head coaches.
  8. According to the National Chicken Council, they predict 1.25 billion chicken wings will be devoured on Super Bowl Sunday.
  9. Dominoe’s Pizza sells more than 11 million pizza slices on Super Bowl Sunday, more than 80% than a typical Sunday.
  10. The Hass Avocado Board has estimated that Super Bowl XLIX will have an increase of avocado consumption with 100 million pounds.


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