Rosamond Branch

Rosamond Branch Library, 1995

History of the Wanda Kirk (Rosamond) Branch Library

Rosamond Station, 1941

First called Rosamond Station, the Wanda Kirk Branch Library was established February 7, 1915 in a store. By 1916, the branch had 49 cardholders. By 1935, Rosamond was one of 25 branches of the Kern County Library and was housed in the town’s post office. In 1941, the branch was moved to a small, free-standing concrete building designed to accommodate both the library and post office. By the 1960s, the branch had moved to a small, wooden, free-standing classroom building on the west side of the town’s school grounds. In August 1973, the branch was moved to small storefront rented in the town’s shopping area. Rosamond’s location in the Antelope Valley area and its proximity to the ever-growing Los Angeles and Lancaster regions made it a prime candidate for rapid population growth. An application was made and accepted for California Library Construction and Renovation Act of 1988 funds to build a new Rosamond Branch Library. Reflecting a theme of flight for the nearby U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center, the contemporary and new branch opened on December 7, 1995. At this time, the branch was renamed the Wanda Kirk Branch to honor Kirk’s 42 years of service to the town of Rosamond as an elementary schoolteacher.


For more information, read the eBook Kern County Library, A Century of Progress.