Library Code of Conduct

In order to promote the pleasant use of the Library and to assure the health and safety of the public, the following are not permitted:

  • Smoking within the building.
  • Bare feet within the building.
  • Theft, marking or destruction of Library property.
  • Loud noise or other activities constituting disorderly conduct disturbing the use of the Library by the public.
  • Consumption of food or beverages within the building.
  • Animals (other than guide dogs as defined by Civil Code Section 54.1)
  • Selling goods or soliciting on Library grounds.Loitering or sleeping in the Library.
  • Obstruction of walkways or aisles with personal possessions.
  • Any other conduct disturbing the peaceful use of the Library by other customers or the work of Library staff.

Any violation of these rules may result in a loss of Library privileges. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in a serious and appropriate manner.

All customers must leave the Library premises at closing time. Escorts, rides, etc., are the sole responsibility of the customers, parents, or guardians. Customers who need assistance to return home after the Library has closed, such as minors or disabled adults, may be referred to the local police in order to ensure their safety.

These rules have been formulated with the assistance of the Kern County Counsel’s Office. Adopted by the Kern County Board of Supervisors January 5, 1993. 

Exhibit & Display Policy

The Kern County Library allows community groups and organizations to use the various display and exhibit spaces within its facilities. Space is provided for displays and exhibits of cultural, civic, charitable, recreational, and educational nature, not for advertising for commercial enterprise or for exhibits to promote specific campaigns, candidates, or political parties.

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Image Release Policy

Attendance of Kern County Library programs or events constitutes consent to be photographed and/or videotaped for use in print and/or electronic publicity for the Kern County Library.

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Internet & Computer Use Policy

To fulfill our mission, Kern County Library provides access to a broad range of information resources, including those available through the internet. We make this service available as part of our mission to offer a broadly defined program of informational, educational, recreational, and cultural enrichment opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds, which reflect the great diversity of interests and opinions in our communities.

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Meeting Room Use Policy

The Meeting Rooms at the Kern County Library are available for public use under the Meeting Room Use Policy adopted by the Kern County Board of Supervisors.

  • The availability of these facilities is an ancillary service the Library provides.
  • The service must not interfere with the Library’s primary function of providing library materials and information retrieval to the public.Meeting Rooms are available during the Library’s open hours.
  • Meeting Room use outside of the Library’s open hours varies according to room accessibility at each facility and may be subject to staff availability.
  • Fees for each reservation are determined in accordance to the Room Use Fees, by the facility used and the room use particulars as established by the user.

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Wireless Internet Use Agreement

The Kern County Library provides wireless access, free of charge, during normal library operating hours at select branches. However, high demand, reliability of technology and other factors may affect access. For these reasons, the Library cannot guarantee the availability or reliability of the service.

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