Mojave Branch

Mojave Branch, 2011

History of the Mojave Branch Library

Mojave Branch, 1941

Mojave’s first branch was established in 1914 on K Street. In 1929, the branch moved to an adobe structure on Belshaw. During the 1930s, the library doubled as part of the Mojave Elementary School, housing classes that were waiting for the completion of the new school. In 1981, the adobe building was deemed unsafe. The adobe building had eight major deficiencies, including partially reinforced hollow clay tile walls, trussed rafters over stressed, exterior walls not tied to the roof, two ceiling joists twisting and in danger of falling at the south wall, earthquake damage, and possible foundation settlement. Despite the issues presented, the library remained in the adobe building until 1985, while a new location was searched for. In 1985, the Mojave Branch Library moved to its present storefront location at the Mojave Plaza shopping center.

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