With love in the air, the Kern County Library will be playing cupid by inviting you to reunite with a new or old flame…your local library.

Why should you declare your love to Kern County Library? All KCL branches are sanctuaries away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; they offer security, peace, and quiet, all while keeping you focused. Be surrounded by like-minded people who have the desire to acquire knowledge.

KCL branches offer many wonderful activities. We encourage you to take advantage of these favorite resources:

Rainy & Cold Day Fun

Stortyime is one of our many children’s activities that we LOVE and is offered weekly at nearly every branch. Like all of our activities, it is FREE. One of our skilled library staff reads themed books aloud, shares corresponding songs, and provides hands-on arts and crafts for the kids. After storytime is over, children can explore an array of books, play stations, or educational computer time. Check out our events calendar!

eBooks & eAudiobooks

We know you love reading as much as we do, and sometimes all we want to do is read. (Kick your responsibilities to the curb!) Sometimes when you are on the go though, lugging a book around can be difficult. When we want to read in the car, on a plane, on a boat, or on a train, we turn to our collection of great eBooks and eAudiobooks. This way, we can borrow from anyWHERE in the world, directly to our mobile devices. The best part is that these titles return automatically! No late fees or remembering due dates! Check out our eLibrary today!

Movie Night

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are pretty nice, but you have to pay a pretty price. While Redbox offers cheap rental options, they have a limited selection. The Kern County Library branches offer a vast collection of movies and TV shows available on DVD, for the fee of $2 + tax. Also, CDs are available in our collection for FREE! Discover titles in our catalog today!

Spreading the LOVE

Everyone loves libraries, so spread that love! Thank you so much for your continued support! Check out our Support the Library page for more information on monetary contributions.
Contact info@kernlibrary.org for volunteer opportunities at KCL branches!