Kern River Valley Bookmobile, 2011.

History of the Kern River Valley Bookmobile

Old Kern River Valley Bookmobile, in the 1980s. Peggy Hickey, driver.

The Kern River Valley Bookmobile, which set out on its maiden journey from the Kern River Valley Branch on January 7, 1980, served the remote communities of South Lake, Onyx, Mountain Mesa, and Weldon. Over the years, the Bookmobile has seen many transitions with stops added and taken away, and various dedicated staff driving it. One memorable day in Bookmobile history, the driver had to stop on Highway 178 near Weldon in the middle of a cattle drive, complete with cowboys on horseback and meandering cows and calves. The Bookmobile has a dedicated patronage and loyal supporters. In the past several years, the type and size of vehicles used for Bookmobile purposes in the Kern River Valley has varied. In 2005, the old Bookmobile was replaced by an 18-foot step van, which was funded by Kern County and a grant from the East Kern Air Pollution District. In 2011, the van was replaced by a new Bookmobile, which was purchased with money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.


For more information, read the eBook Kern County Library, A Century of Progress.