The California Mission Era began in 1769, and ended after the last Mission was built in 1823. California’s 21 Missions are merely a fraction of over 100 Missions built across North America. When you follow CA I-101 coastal highway, you are following the same travelling route (El Camino Real) of the Spaniards that built the 21 Missions. Each Mission is approximately 30 miles (or a day’s journey) away from the next, and were close to the ocean. Because Missions were constructed from local materials, such as adobe brick, there are only a few remnants of original Mission structures that survived neglect and earthquakes. Many replicas stand in the place of the original Missions’ buildings.

California Mission Year Built
Basilica San Diego de Alcala 1769
San Carlos Borreomeo 1770
San Antonio de Padua 1771
San Gabriel Arcangel 1771
San Luis Obispo de Tolosa 1776
San Juan Capistrano 1776
Santa Clara de Asis 1777
San Buenaventura 1782
Santa Barbara 1786
La Purisima Concepcion 1787
Santa Cruz 1791
Nuestra Senora de la Soledad 1791
San Jose 1777
San Juan Bautista 1797
San Miguel Arcangel 1797
San Fernando Rey de Espana 1797
San Luis Rey de Francia 1798
Santa Ines 1804
San Rafael Arcangel 1817
San Francisco Solano de Sonoma 1823

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