Beale Memorial Library, 2011

Jack Maguire Local History Room

For more info, access the Jack Maguire Local History Room page.
Day Hours
Mon 1-6pm
Tue 1-6pm
Wed 1-6pm
Thur 1-6pm
Fri 1-6pm
Sat 1-6pm
Sun closed

Genealogy Room Hours

Day Hours
Mon 1-4pm
Tue 11am-4pm
Wed 11am-4pm
Thur 11am-4pm
Fri 11am-4pm
Sat 11am-4pm
Sun closed

Volunteers’ Hours at the Veterans Resource Center

For more info about the Veterans Resource Center, access Veterans Resources.
Day Hours
Mon 4-6pm
Tue 4-6pm
Wed 4-6pm
Thur 4-6pm
Fri 4-6pm
Sat 4-6pm
Sun closed

Geology, Mining, and Petroleum Room

The Geology, Mining, and Petroleum Collection is available in its own room, during normal operating hours, at the Beale Memorial Library.